Elon Musk Unmasked

Silicon Valley wants to shape our future. Why should we let it?

The metaverse and web3 are the latest in a long line of commercial frameworks the tech industry has tried to force on us to enhance its power and profits. Instead of falling for the PR, Paris Marx speaks with experts every Thursday to dissect what new technologies and the companies behind them are doing to our world, and why we should stop them.

Tech Won’t Save Us challenges the notion that tech alone can drive our world forward by showing that tech is inherently political and ignoring that has serious consequences. It encourages listeners to think beyond the confines of the capitalist tech industry, to consider how we can dismantle oppressive technologies, and how technology can be developed for the public good.

In short, Tech Won’t Save Us isn’t your usual tech podcast.

For anyone alarmed by all of the widespread predictions about A.I. swallowing whole entire job sectors, the show’s measured coverage might prove reassuring.

The New York Times